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Documentary Short Film

Directed by: İbrahim ZATERİ


Even though time passes with its no mercy with making people to forget what they have lived, some moments repeats itself.These moments are supported with taken photos, shot videos and hand written notes of the past.Memories makes the past experiences much meaningful.The ones who had immigrated to another country tries to integrate themselves to this new place with their moans and misses to the ones and the things that they have left behind.The hardness of difference leaves its place to integration, with the help of time.As time goes by, places that we see and things that we do makes us remember what we had left behind. This movie shows us the piece in complete.It reminds us that divided soul symbolizes, the memories that we left behind in our inner conciousness.It makes us to ask the question of “What is home?” 

Festivals and Awards:

Anadolu University International Eskişehir Film Festival 2012, A selection of the festival

4th Rotary Short Film Festival (Rofife) 2012, Finalist

2th Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival 2012, A selection of the festival

GOU 1th National Short Film Festival 2011, Best Film

7th Özgür Film Festival 2011, Finalist

11th Kısa-ca International Student Film Festival 2011, Finalist

1th Dikili Short Film Festival 2011, Presentation

Dialog Greek-Turkish Short Film Festival 2010, Presentation

JSI Istanbul Crossroads International Short Film Festival 2010, Finalist


Directed by:Ibrahim ZATERI Script:Anıl CAKAR, Ibrahim ZATERI Director of Photography:Ibrahim ZATERI Camera:Ediz SARAN, Ibrahim ZATERI Light: Martin GEIER, Ege TUL Edited by:Ibrahim ZATERI Music/Sound:Kurt JARZOMBEK Graphic Design:Esme EMIROSMANOGLU Yapımcı:Ibrahim ZATERI Translation: Ozlem ACIOZ Cast:Hamza OZCAN, Şeref FILIZ, Ali KESKIN, Gülten AKKI, Manuela CASSELMANN, Lara HOLDERITH, Emre OZDEMIR, Sercan OZDEMIR, Anetta MUKURDUMOVA, Gerd KOOLHOF. Thanks to:Günther KLEIN, Roland BLUM, Johann GRAF, Ursula HUTH. Casselmann Keramikwerkstatt. Turkische-Deutsche Kultur und Tourismus Verein e.v. Bildung und Kultur Verein e.v (Suleymaniye Cami)

Hochschule RheinMain

University of Applied Sciences

Wiesbaden Rüsselsheim Geisenheim

© 2010

Behind the scenes; Photographs

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